Alan Jones

Monday, July 2 2012 at 7:00PM

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Dartington Hall
Devon TQ9 6EL

Alan Jones

What's the talk about?

Alan Jones will be coming to explain his approach to Rational Mysticism, explaining what it is and how he implements it in everyday life.

Below are some quotes from his website more information can be found about Alan and his work here, he is also on Twitter @rationalmystic and you can follow the Rational Mystic blog.

"As a magician and psychologist I am interested in the nature of human experience...

As someone with a real interest in the, shall we say, occult and paranormal, I am fascinated by those human experiences we consider to be mystical.

As a Rational Mystic I enjoy taking a sceptical (or skeptical for my American friends) look at claims of the paranormal whilst seeking to understand the relevance and meaning of the mystical experience."

Alan also has a regular podcast and radio show for Penwith and Inception Radio where he examines extraordinary claims and looks to find the truth in myth legend and conspiracy. Tune in every Tuesday from 8pm or you can listen online to past episodes at